International Conference on Solidification Science and Processing

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Scope of the Conference

The aim of this conference is to bring together academicians, scientists, technologists and students working in the field of solidification science and processing to discuss the recent developments and review the challenges faced by the community. The conference consists of invited oral presentations and contributed posters. To ensure an intense interaction amongst the researchers, ICSSP is always held in a single session mode without any parallel sessions. Students are encouraged to present their work through poster sessions. Best student papers will be judged and awarded during the conference. The topics of interest for ICSSP-8 include but are not limited to:

  • Fundamentals of solidification & melting
  • Modelling of solidification including multiscale modeling methods and through-process modeling
  • Microstructure evolution during solidification, grain refinement and remelting
  • Rapid solidification, advances in solidification processes
  • Thermophysical properties, phase equilibria
  • Multiphase flow, heat & mass transfer, mushy zone rheology, Micro & macrosegregation
  • Stress & deformation during solidification, hot tearing, shrinkage, porosity and other defects
  • Additive manufacturing and welding
  • Solidification under micro-gravity and external fields, directional solidification
  • In-situ observation of solidification & melting
  • Advanced characterization
  • Solidification of composites and foams
  • Industry 4.0 in relation to casting and foundry.